Kαλοκαίρι – the Greek word for summer, or the literal translation to “good weather,” is that magical time of year that comes around when the sea begins to sparkle, the Frappe’s are sipped under the sun, or, in my case, you attend your very first Big Fat Greek Wedding!! This is going to be a side of my mad Greek family I have yet to experience…! 
So, in light of my upcoming summer visit to Greece, I wanted to share with you some photographs and secret tips I gathered throughout the six months I spent in Athens last year.
In my opinion, if you haven’t experienced a summer on the Greek islands, you don’t truly know what it’s all about! The warmth, freedom and joie de vivre you experience is second to none during summertime. Whether you want crazy beach parties or deserted crystal blue waters, in Greece you can find it all.

As someone inspired by beautiful images, I can never get over just how vibrant and rich the colours are during the summer months – it’s truly intoxicating. Walking along coastlines, exploring rocky alcoves are the best things to do, whilst feeling the sun warm on your skin. I remember one day last year, I was walking along the side of the small rocky hill near a town called Nafplio, following a path that seemed like it led straight into the ocean. Much to my surprise, however, I stumbled upon a tiny little church set on a cliff edge, reached only by boat and of the Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of sailors… it was such a unique and beautiful finding!
Of course, hands down I would say to visit the Greek islands in the summer, but if you would also like to make a stop over in Athens, here are few tips to make your visit more memorable:
Coffee stop: Visit the terrace cafe in the ‘A is for Athens‘ hotel right on Monastiraki square – you have the most stunning view of all of Plaka and Monastrika, the old areas leading right up to the Parthenon.
Meze: If you want to add an extra dish to the table, alongside the usual Greek salad and souvlaki (Greek kebab) then order “fava” – this is a dish very similar to homous but made instead with beans.
Views: For the most sensational views of the entire city, take a walk up Lycabettus (Likavitos) hill. You can find your way there through Kolonaki, the high-end district in the centre of Athens. It really is a trek worth making – I took picture #3 from there!
Shopping: For any vintage lovers/bargain hunters, Monastiraki has the most amazing second hand market every Sunday where you can find some incredible additions for your closet! Old satchels, silk scarves, whatever you like!
Drinks: An awesome place to have a drink in the evening is a bar called “Six Dogs” – a little gem hidden away in the centre of the city, but packed with people once you’re inside…you wouldn’t even know it was there!
Road-trip: One road-trip outside Athens that I would definitely recommend is to the town Marathonas. The route from the Acropolis to this seaside village is the actual run that Pheidippidis completed in order to announce the Greek victory of the Battle of Marathon against the Persians. It’s not only a pretty sea-side town, but also has a huge archeological site dedicated to the findings from the battle.
Open-air cinema: This is a must-do in Greece, particularly in the summer. Although it’s not as fun in the city as it is in the countryside, definitely try it if you get the opportunity!
Wish me luck as I’m about to find out what it’s like being a bridesmaid at a wedding Greek style..!! Photos to come soon, can’t wait!
In the meantime, enjoy the pics below 🙂


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