I took a day trip recently along the coast to the North of the U.A.E and crossing the border to the country of Oman. 
Having never taken the trip up the coast to Oman, I was pleasantly surprised! Here in Dubai we are used to vast desert and camping trips as the way to have a break from the big city. This scenery, however, was totally different. In fact, it reminded me a lot of mainland Greece! The high cliff-edges marking the coastline were exactly the same as what you find a lot as you drive outside of Athens.

I loved the texture of the landscape – the huge rocks would make for an amazing fashion shoot location! And when we first arrived we saw this amazing view of hundreds of birds perched on the still water – have a look below, it was such a unique sight!
Although it was right at the start of the soaring summer temperatures, the heat was thankfully pretty bearable. We did, however, want to go on the dhow trip available there, which takes you around all the rocky coves for the afternoon, but it was just too hot. We would have literally melted – not fun.
So, instead, we took a drive towards the mountains to have a look at “wildlife”… which basically meant lots of goats!! haha
Was a fun day out nevertheless and I think I’ll head back again after summer to try out the boat trip 🙂

The photographer snuck into one of the pictures!

Home time!

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