I’m excited to share with you, today, the first part of one of my favourite photoshoots to date – featuring my gorgeous bestie, Josephine.
I’ve been wanting to style a more retro/vintage shoot for ages and I knew that Jo, with her deep, brown eyes and striking features, would be perfect for a 50’s theme. The elements I really wanted to incorporate in the pictures were things such as bold red lips, simple patterns and block colours. And so, after some research and digging through Jo’s wardrobe, we brainstormed a few different outfit options.
A talented professional actress, the shoot was a piece of cake for her. She was a cheeky, sultry, pensive desperate housewife, all in one session! It really does make a difference having a confident model who truly understands themselves, as it allows you to achieve the precise sentiments and feel you’re going for.
I shot the entire session on my new fixed portrait lens…. what results! I love the bokeh effect achieved with fixed lenses – it really places all eyes on the subject and offers stunning, crisp results. What helped, as well, was the un-distracting setting, which allowed me to keep all focus on her expressions whilst also making use of fun props such as the coke bottles and sunglasses.
I think we’ve found a new character to add to the Desperate Housewives cast 😉

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