I’m pleased to share with you, today, some photos from the first wedding I covered as a photographer 🙂 

I was asked a few months ago to photograph the wedding of a lovely colleague of mine. She was to be married at Bab Al Shams – a stunning Arabian resort in the desert – and the wedding would be held in May for around 60 people. It was clear from the beginning that it would be a fun and eventful day, given the unique Japanese-Spanish union of the Bride and Groom. People were flying in from all over the world, so it was a truly international celebration.
And what a splendid day it was! The sun was shining, the champagne was flowing and the bride was beautiful – what more could you ask for! I must admit, I was completely nervous and freaking out that I would miss a “special” moment, whether it was the ring-exchange, throwing confetti, the toast and so on. (There are SO MANY special moments at a wedding – you can’t even blink!)
All in all, it turned out brilliant and was a great learning experience on my part. To be completely honest, it really exceeded my expectations. What made it for me was how fun and easy the bride and groom were to photograph. Given that a wedding is a total emotional rollercoaster, I was preparing for nerves to get the best of them, and yet they were laughing, smiling and just enjoying themselves – exactly what you’re supposed to do on the most important day of your life!
So, in short, did I enjoy the experience? YES. Would I do it again? YES. Does the bride like the photographs? HOPE SO!!!!!! 😉
Here are a selection of my favourite pictures (So hard to chose!!)


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