On the way to New York City last month, I managed to squeeze in a whirlwind weekend to London, where I visited some wonderful friends who I miss so dearly.
I don’t know how I manage it, but despite the horrible weather this year, I spent the most stunning days there. The sun was shining and London was beaming. I also visited a new area that I’ve never been to before, London Bridge. And it was incredible. There were apartment blocks created from renovated factories – just fantastic and full of so much character!!
Sometimes, visiting somewhere for a short amount of time, seeing old friends, is actually worse than not going at all – it’s a taste of what you miss and leaves you yearning to stay longer! Ignorance sometimes really is bliss. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful and exciting little pitstop.
After all….

Hope you enjoy my favourite pictures from the weekend!
I was excited to try out my brand new lens – it makes the photographs so much more crisp and vibrant…


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