New York City: What an AMAZING place! 

It was the first time I visited the one of the United States’ and world’s most loved cities, and it really was an incredible experience. Everyone I spoke to before going had the most fantastic things to say about The Big Apple, so I went with an open mind of what to expect.

The first thought that crossed my mind was just how BIG it was! London is tiny compared to New York City – the buildings are enormous and go on for what seems like forever! It really dawned on me that you could live in the city for years and not even know half of what it has to offer. If you need some excitement and a new adventure then move to New York – you’ll never get bored. Every corner you turn, every road you cross, there is something crazy and fun going on, whether its live comedy or filming the America’s Got Talent – there is always something to do.
In terms of beauty, I wouldn’t say it was one of the most beautiful cities I’ve visited. In my opinion it doesn’t have the architectural charm that Europe has, but it has an excitement and buzz found nowhere else. And Central Park, along with the many parks found around the city, is gorgeous. What also struck me was how culturally rich it was. You really saw how nationalities from around the world made it a home from home. Exceptional restaurants, worldwide produce, little pockets brimming with culture found dotted all over the city…
In a way, it was everything that I had expected and nothing like I had expected. The shopping was brilliant, nightlife and eating out are one in their own, seeing the Statue of Liberty was unbelievable – the list goes on. If you haven’t been to New York, make it the next destination on your list, because you’re guaranteed to have an experience like never before.
Enjoy a selection of my snaps!


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