So, I have been officially rubbish at posting for the past few weeks. I honestly don’t understand where time goes – halfway through October?! It was just summer a second ago…

It’s funny, I’ve been thinking recently about the times in life that you feel insanely busy, as though you can’t physically fit anything else into your day, but you then take a step back and realise you’re actually not achieving a great deal in the grand scheme of things. For me personally, busyness means that I become particularly uninspired artistically. It’s so easy to get caught up in the monotony of everyday life that creativity takes a back step – who wants to tap into their creative reserves after a long day at work? Well, that is my point precisely. It’s not about wanting to, it’s about having to – you’ve made a commitment to yourself, so stick to it!
Whether it’s following a new fitness regime or simply giving half an hour to yourself at the end of a hard day, I’ve realised just how easy it is to blame the mismanagement of your priorities on “not finding time”. In fact, it’s not about finding those few extra minutes in your day, it’s about making them. With the bombardment of information we face, from skyping friends to keeping up with our endless social media accounts, it’s very easy to get snowed under and put things on the back-burner. Realigning your priorities and remembering what is important to you is crucially important in keeping a balanced life, I believe. So, here’s to making that extra little bit of time for doing something that genuinely puts a smile on your face and means something to you.
“Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today” – Benjamin Franklin
I leave you with a few photos I took around my house one evening. I tried to capture varied texture in low-light from relatively simple objects, as a means of generating something extraordinary out of the ordinary.


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