I’ve been meaning to post these pictures up for quite a while now – they’re from one of my favourite creative shoots to date. During Easter earlier this year, one of my dearest friends, Olivia, came to visit me over in Athens. Fortunately, throughout all the madness which usually occurs that time of year, I managed to squeeze in a creative photo shoot with her. The light was perfect and she was brilliant! A budding actress, she knew exactly how to carry herself and made the whole session a lot of fun.
The theme was intended to be flower power/hippy love, however with only our weekend suitcases we were quite limited for props and outfits! With a bit of DIY we did manage to create a huge yellow daisy-chain, which looked gorgeous on her long blonde hair. It definitely put our inner nature lovin’ to the test!

Overall, I was really pleased with the results. I tried to play a bit with shooting against the sunlight to see what sun-spot effects I could get and let the sun rays hit her golden locks…The colours came out so strong and vibrant !

Enjoy 🙂


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